Thursday, December 22, 2016

DungeonQuest - Thargrim the Dark Lord, Warrior of Chaos

Not much to say about Thargrim here. He's one of two among the Heroes for DungeonQuest with green armor. Coincidence? Long lost brothers, one turned to the dark side? The armor is a mix of opaque and metallic paints along with glazes. Gave him a 30mm base so his feet wouldn't stick over the edges. Am using Proxie Models bases for all of these.


  1. Turned out well, and the base looks right.

  2. Awesome job! BTW Ryder , is there a way I can contact you?
    I was blown away by your orc army time ago , now I run the "ex" crooked claw franchise /Greenskin Wars actual name) and a lot of new models have been added to the range.
    I would like to send you something ;)

    Cheers ,