Sunday, November 17, 2019

Let's connect on Instagram

I have been unhappy with the Blogger platform for many years, and am always searching for better ways for hobbyists to engage with one another. Instagram is far, far from ideal, but it and FB seem to be where the critical mass of us are, and so I'm giving Instagram an honest effort.

Been sharing a lot last few weeks and lots more where that game from. I'm username warlockofleadmountain. Let's connect!

Plan to keep this blog up and may occasionally post something that can't be said in the short form Instagram format.


  1. I feel you on this one and I just got my blog all spruced up and more or less up to date on my projects too.
    I really liked Blogger for quite some time, but it does feel that traffic and interaction have died down an awful lot.

    FB and Instagram just seem to be the hub of the hobby community now, I think I'm probably only going to be using my blog when I really want to say anything in depth about any given project. Whatever won't fit in an Instagram post or whatever I don't want to become lost to the void of FB feeds.

    1. Good to link up with you on Instagram! I feel the same way you do about having blogger as a fall-back place for things that I don't want to get lost! Although I never liked blogger! :P

  2. Best of luck with the new format. I'm not on Instagram myself (more of a Twitter microblogger myself) but I'm all in favour of exploring new formats. FB is like a crack addiction, we know its bad for us, but quitting is just so damn hard.

  3. Understandable. I am much in the same boat.

    I agree Instagram is where the hobby community has wound up, which is a shame because for a photo sharing app it is truly awful for sharing photos (weird cropping, low quality, limited ability to zoom, etc). Twitter is far better for sharing photos and there is a decent community there but it is ruined by people sharing political posts and pictures of food/cats.

    I'm not that familiar with Facebook but it seems ok if you join some of the private groups.

    Anyway I am following you on Instagram and enjoying your stuff. Keep it up!

    1. Nice to connect on Instagram!

      Yeah, Instagram has no respect for the photograph, but then it does do a few things much better than blogger, such as allowing for a front view picture, with other views on demand for those who want to see the back. Always hated posting multiple angles in blogger, where the end graphical design was awful. And because it makes it a pain for people to download the pictures, it lessens the impact of the fact that Instagram wipes your metadata from the files you upload (which drove me crazy in Google and Flickr, where people wound up with files with my metadata stripped out). Solving one problem by introducing another LOL!

      Good to hear your thoughts about twitter. Maybe I will try it out and if I like it, find a way to cross-post to both at the same time. It's infuriating to me that first Blogger and then Instagram killed the ability to post from LightRoom (and now Adobe is killing off my desktop version of LR in favor of cloud), but those are the things I'm trying not to dwell in. My picture workflow to post to instagram would make Rube Goldberg proud, and here is is 2019.

    2. I'm not really across the technical side but I think it all largely seems to come down to convenience outweighing the (many) downsides. Let's see where it takes us anyway...I actually connected with a real-life Mordheim group in my area through Instagram so it can't be all bad!