Sunday, June 15, 2014

Crooked Claw Goblins WIP

It's been awhile so to tide you over until a proper post here are some Oldhammer goblins I'm painting at the moment. Kev Adams sculpts available from Crooked Claw. Picked up the whole range to date awhile back and am really glad I did—huge variety, beautiful sculpts and beautiful castings!

Edit: Oh, and I was reminded in the comments I wanted to say about the painting: I often I paint straight dark to light over black primer but here I brush painted a white undercoat over the skin first and did the classic goblin green, ink wash and then my normal highlight procedure. I made up a custom batch of very yellow-green highlight for the purpose as it's a color not like any of seen in a range. Sounds fiddly but I wanted to see if I could get extra pop, and it's actually less work overall than what I was doing... going through many intermediate shades. Also less work than "zenithal" airbrush, which less chance of overs-praying the chainmail. Simple, old school stuff I guess.

Speaking of which, I can clearly remember in an old Citadel painting guide the black prime then white over the flesh being demonstrated on a Marauder dwarf iron breaker. And now some of you are recalling it too I bet. ;)

As always, the collection can be viewed in its entirety at flickr.