Monday, January 29, 2018

WIP Talisman and Friends-of-Talisman Minis

Here's a view into the painting process for my Talisman figures, and preview of some to come. Although I have enough Talisman figures to keep me busy for awhile, I couldn't help but adding some other figures to the Talisman family, as some just call to me as being the same kind of archetype.

Talisman WIP: Front row L-R: Itenerant Scholar, Witch Doctor, Sorceress, Pilgrim, Barbarian; Middle row: Sea Captain, Halfling, Ninja, Falconer, Saytr; Back row: Sprite, Dwarf, Gladiator, Rogue
Sprite, Swashbuckler, Witch Doctor, Druid
Thief, Ghoul, Dwarf, Scout
Archeologist, Alt Elf, Gipsy, Prophetess, Footpad or Alt Assassin

 The Priest, by Aly Morrison, with embellished hat
The Amazon, by Aly Morrisson

The Spy, by Aly Morrison, telescope replaced with aluminum tube
The Itinerant Barber/Scholar, by Aly Morrison, Citadel Miniatures Fighters range

Falconer, by Aly Morrison, Marauder Miniatures, either a Noble or a follower who competes for his lord or lady

Alt Assassin, by Aly Morrison, though I think I will call him the Footpad

 The Hunter, by Alan or Michael Perry, Citadel Miniatures, one of my favorite figures

The Sea Captain, by Michael Immig, Metal Magic

The Warlock, by Bob Murch, RAFM

The Landsknecht, by Werner Klocke, Das Scharze Auge

Size comparison showing Citadel fighter, Metal Magic Watchman by Michael Immig, Das Schwartze Auge Landsknecht, Foundry Perry Landschnecht

Friday, January 26, 2018

Hundred Years War on the Workbench

So far my focus here has been fantasy and sci-fi. As I was looking for a place to to share my historical projects it was a hard to decision whether to do it here as I was a apprehensive about diluting the focus. But I have energy enough for just one blog, and so everything goes in this one place.

Here are my early, or Crecy War, Hundred Years War figures.I bought this collection a few years ago in several stages, and here at my (fairly) new home, with enough space to spread out with a project like this, starting in January 2017 I decided to really go for it, and I managed some strong sprints through March, when  other projects started to creep in, especially Dungeonquest and Talisman in the first half of 2017, and then D&D (campaign prep more than miniatures) in the second half. All told I've spent 133 hours on this project so far.

The figures are Old Glory, Foundry, Black Tree, Front Rank, and a few Claymore Castings, which are hands down the best early HYW figs there are. The Black Tree, Front Rank, Foundry and Claymore all mix well. The Old Glory are slimmer and smaller, and mix ok with the Foundry but look small next to the others. I'm managing to relax in my old age, though, and not let this bother me. The Old Glory figures have some things I love about them, and some things that exasperate me, but over all, I wouldn't trade them.

Dismounted Men-at-arms, Crossbowmen and Billmen (which I am painting along with the others as I own them but won't be taking part in the Crecy War)
They are based on magnetic bases from Shogun Miniatures, which I recommend. I glue them with crappy new formula Liquid Nails, which is a disgrace to the Liquid Nails legacy and not worthy at all of the name, but at least if I ever decide to get with the hip kids and do unit bases I can get them off easily! I then texture them and cover the integral base with my favorite material, Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch (watered down and shaped with a sculpting tool and/or damp brush).

Wonderful, characterful Foundry Peasants by the Perry Brothers
Men-at-arms, longbowmen, pavisiers, crossbowmen

Mounted men-at-arms and mounted archers (sharing a tray with some primed 16th century stradiots and 15th century men-at-arms)

Longbowmen and cavalry

Horses—what a chore to clean all these but they're done

Old Glory Dismounted Men-at-Arms
Old Glory Dismounted Men-at-Arms
Foundry Peasants
Front Rank Dismounted Men-at-Arms
Foundry Billmen
Peasants and Men-at-Arms

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The To-Varnish Tray

I'm always working on many things. Here is a motley assortment of figures I painted in recent months, waiting here for a coat of varnish. Along with some other figs that belong in other trays. See anything you like?

Some of these have long languished in WIP trays. I think I got about 85% done with the  Necromunda rats back in 2004, give or take a year. The Scavvy conversions were done around the same time, though they sat unpainted for some years. The Mordheim undead gang was started a year or two later.

Many were done fairly quickly, start to finish this year, however. All the rest except for the Swiss are in this category. The Swiss were all-but-done in 2014 and I just had to decide whether to make their gun barrels bronze or iron (went with bronze, having multiple believable period reference pics to go on).