Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The To-Varnish Tray

I'm always working on many things. Here is a motley assortment of figures I painted in recent months, waiting here for a coat of varnish. Along with some other figs that belong in other trays. See anything you like?

Some of these have long languished in WIP trays. I think I got about 85% done with the  Necromunda rats back in 2004, give or take a year. The Scavvy conversions were done around the same time, though they sat unpainted for some years. The Mordheim undead gang was started a year or two later.

Many were done fairly quickly, start to finish this year, however. All the rest except for the Swiss are in this category. The Swiss were all-but-done in 2014 and I just had to decide whether to make their gun barrels bronze or iron (went with bronze, having multiple believable period reference pics to go on).