Monday, January 29, 2018

WIP Talisman and Friends-of-Talisman Minis

Here's a view into the painting process for my Talisman figures, and preview of some to come. Although I have enough Talisman figures to keep me busy for awhile, I couldn't help but adding some other figures to the Talisman family, as some just call to me as being the same kind of archetype.

Talisman WIP: Front row L-R: Itenerant Scholar, Witch Doctor, Sorceress, Pilgrim, Barbarian; Middle row: Sea Captain, Halfling, Ninja, Falconer, Saytr; Back row: Sprite, Dwarf, Gladiator, Rogue
Sprite, Swashbuckler, Witch Doctor, Druid
Thief, Ghoul, Dwarf, Scout
Archeologist, Alt Elf, Gipsy, Prophetess, Footpad or Alt Assassin

 The Priest, by Aly Morrison, with embellished hat
The Amazon, by Aly Morrisson

The Spy, by Aly Morrison, telescope replaced with aluminum tube
The Itinerant Barber/Scholar, by Aly Morrison, Citadel Miniatures Fighters range

Falconer, by Aly Morrison, Marauder Miniatures, either a Noble or a follower who competes for his lord or lady

Alt Assassin, by Aly Morrison, though I think I will call him the Footpad

 The Hunter, by Alan or Michael Perry, Citadel Miniatures, one of my favorite figures

The Sea Captain, by Michael Immig, Metal Magic

The Warlock, by Bob Murch, RAFM

The Landsknecht, by Werner Klocke, Das Scharze Auge

Size comparison showing Citadel fighter, Metal Magic Watchman by Michael Immig, Das Schwartze Auge Landsknecht, Foundry Perry Landschnecht