Thursday, December 22, 2016

Heroes for Dungeonquest: Thargrim the Dark Lord, Warrior of Chaos

Not much to say about Thargrim here. He's one of two among the Heroes for DungeonQuest with green armor. Coincidence? Long lost brothers, one turned to the dark side? The armor is a mix of opaque and metallic paints along with glazes. Gave him a 30mm base so his feet wouldn't stick over the edges. Am using Proxie Models bases for all of these.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Heroes for Dungeonquest: Rildo the Crafty

Except for El-Adoran in my last post, all of these had "zenithal" priming, aka underpainting, where I primed in either black or dark gray and then primed from above with white. I'm always trying to push one skill or another and with my DungeonQuest figures I was focused on achieving the luminous glow of some figures seen in old White Dwarf mags and a few contemporaries also looking back to the old school. My comfort zone is to work straight dark to light over black and then a bit of glazing. Here the glazing and translucent color is really central. The difference between the figures is marked, these really are brighter and I want to say more "candy-like" when set one next to the other. The white shines through. I'm not expressing a preference one way or another, but plan to continue some figures in this mode and try to bring this style more within my comfort zone.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dungeonquest: El-Adoran Sureshot

This is the (blue) plastic figure from the core game. A friend of mine said I wasn't allowed to paint my original copies from the game, and this is the only one I've managed to acquire a spare of. If anyone has any spares of the others they'd be willing to part with let me know, I bet I could find something good to trade.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Heroes for Dungeonquest: Azoth the Faceless

First post here back from a long hiatus. My picture tools broke late 2014 and I couldn't find new ones, and without them blogging was such a hassle it wasn't worth it. But I have a new mediocre solution and a big backlog of projects to share, so here goes, taking another stab at it. First off, some DungeonQuest! This game is a lot of fun and represents everything that is right in the world. For this guy, Azoth, some other game art shows him with a golden helmet but I opted to take the orange of the main illustration literally, though metallic gold is mixed in to give it just the sheen I was after. More foolhardy dungeon adventurers coming up!