Friday, May 26, 2017

Heroes for Dungeonquest: Gunnvor Greataxe

The set of Dungeonquest figures I'm painting is complete except for one missing figure, Siegfried Goldenhair, the Barbarian. Does anyone have a spare, by any chance?

In the meantime I painted a substitute, possibly my favorite of the Perry barbarians. Let's call him Gunnvor Greataxe and say he's Siegfried's brother.

Love this sculpt. He's perfect all around. That awesome face! You can put this figure next to any figure from any era.

The skin was darker in the first pass I did as I was going for the deep tan that barbarians like Arnold Schwarzenegger has in the Conan movies. But I lightened it in the end to more abstracted, classic miniatures "bronzed flesh" tones. I used the tried and true Citadel method of dark base, then mixes with the original tones, Bronzed Flesh, Elf Flesh, lighter tones, and then glazes of Chestnut ink. I used the Siegfried Goldenhair illustration as reference for all the characters.

I also made an image of my figure to make a unique character sheet as well.

Just three left to show now. Stay tuned for Helena the Swift, Sir Roland the Knight, and Ironhand the Mighty!