Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Painted: Faf- Armored Dwarf with War Axe

Why wouldn't you get your dwarf some plate armor? But mini manufacturers were and are ever behind on what we need for the game, and dwarves in full plate are something of a rarity in the 25mm world.

This guy does more than fill his role, though. Check the thin, finely rendered overlapping plates, the believable armor kit, the easy pose, as if the figure is able to go in any direction. The proportions of armor and figure alike. Chernak was getting pretty good at this point, but this figure is a cut above his average. This is in the later days of the AD&D contract, pre-Dragon Lords.

If I can get in one gripe, though, the detail on the axe is just a little too loud and a little too loose. I got this figure in a lot of random figs, but I have another in a full 2013 boxed set. If I do up another version of the fig I might try loosing the axe detail and helm detail for a more low key character. But no regrets on this particular rendition. He's definitely a favorite.

Get the flash player here:

Manufacturer: Grenadier
Line: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Set: Adventuring Party
Catalog title: Faf- Armored Dwarf with War Axe
Catalog #: 2013A
Base markings: ©1982 Grenadier Models
Release date: 1982
Sculptor: Andrew Chernak
Date painted: 2011

As for the paint job, the metals were done over black with progressively lighter metal shades, from P3 Pig Iron (a can't-do-without paint) to GW Chainmail to GW Mithril Silver. Then washes of mixes of black, brown, and purple inks.

As always, the collection can be viewed in its entirety at flickr.