Saturday, March 10, 2012

Enter: the Challengers, pt I

Character portraits from my Borderlands & Beyond AD&D campaign.

My players and I present Choderick's Challengers, young upstarts out to prove themselves in the Borderlands and Beyond. Previously I showed off the figs comprising the party. Here are some of the players' own takes on their characters. So far I've received three bios from the nine players who have taken part so far, but I'll add more if/as I get them.

AD&D Character Sketch: Choderick Argenhelm, paladin

Choderick Argenhelm, paladin
sketch by Clark

Choderick Argenhelm, fourth son of Lord Tristan Argenhelm, is a Paladin sworn to purge the world of evil. His family was slaughtered by marauding reavers in the service of a wicked sorcerer. A vision of the goddess Freyja raising the brave and valiant from among the slain, who were then escorted across a shining bridge by the Valkyries, led him to his calling.

He is accompanied by a doughty dwarf named Ott Gravelspit. They met when Choderick tracked a vicious band of thirty orcs until they made camp. He then waited for the orc guards to become complacent, and attacked. Catching the foul creatures unaware he managed to send most of them back to the hell from whence they spawned. Ott was a captive in the camp, bound, mistreated by the orcs, and in bad shape.

AD&D Character Sketch: Ott Gravelspit, dwarf fighter

Ott Gravelspit, dwarf fighter
sketch by Dane

Upon liberation, the dwarf swore an oath of fealty to Choderick. To break such an oath would bring dishonor to the hearth of his ancestors. Ott has been slow to take to the ways of the Paladin Order. Choderick often chastises Ott for his worldly ways and letting greed get the best of him in regards to treasure, meat pies, fortified mead, and short, hairy women.

Despite being a fierce and canny warrior, Choderick suffers from ill health due to crippling allergies. He is especially prone to dust, molds, slimes, and kobold dander.

AD&D Character Sketch: Leofwin, half-elf ranger

Leofwin, half-elf ranger
sketch by Alan

Next we come to the party's master of trails, schemes and logistics. Leofwin, as he's known, is an outcast who has turned his liabilities into strengths. The offspring of a southern duke and a visiting elven ambassador, he was reviled by both families. He learned to roll with the punches from his older, full-human siblings. The few elves from his mother's clan who would tolerate him constantly tested his woodcraft and endurance with unannounced, midnight ventures into the wild. What came out of this upbringing was the half-elven ranger you see before you. Good with a blade and a blow. Wise in the wiles of orc and kobold. Liked by noble and commoner, but slow to form friendships. Above all, a complete glutton for punishment, who somehow stays standing against the fiercest of buffets. (Oh, those fierce buffets!)

AD&D Character Sketch/Inventory Diagram: Twiss, magic-user

Twiss von Standbrau, magic-user
inventory diagram by Tyler

Last for this post but not at all least is the magic-user Twiss von Standbrau, who's dominion over that kingdom Sleep has many a time brought low those who would stand against the Challengers. Twiss is the youngest of the von Standbrau family of wealthy and prestigious human magic-users. Twiss was born into the magic-user profession but remained highly unmotivated to his craft, preferring to hike and fish rather than commit to study. A recent accident of questionable circumstances has left the patriarch of the von Standbrau house dead, and Twiss' eldest brother has since seized control. Twiss was immediately banished from the family estate. Left with little but his clothes, spellbook, and a few possessions, Twiss has quickly realized that a life of fishing is hardly the road back to nobility and comfort.

Despite his familiarity with the outdoors and wilderness, Twiss is used to an easy life. While competent and capable, he is vastly out of his element as an adventurer and prone to cowardice in the name of self-preservation.

Interested in seeing the full character sheets? They're in the flickr collection.

Btw, the sheets we use are the awesome replicas drawn up by the Mad Irishman, available free on his site. Ought else you need is golden rod paper.