Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monster Brains and Escaping Leviathan Shout Outs

Blogroll add and Indiegogo plug

I sat down to mention this Indiegogo campaign for an old school weird fantasy module called Escaping Leviathan by Monster Brains blogger Aeron Alfrey when I realized Monster Brains isn't in my BftD blogroll. It is now though!

What I have to say about Monster Brains is that all hyperbole aside it's been my favorite blog for some years and has provided me inspiration and entertainment in quantities hard to measure.

About the Indiegogo campaign, I left a comment to this effect on the campaign but I'll say it here too that I'd be happy to donate to Monster Brains just in thanks for the good times. But this one also has the promise of a cool adventure down the throat and into the bowels of a great beast.

I'm a little sad and surprised the campaign isn't doing that well given Monster Brains's massive following. Just 10% of the way there with one week to go. But it makes more sense given that this is part of a series of modules for Lamentations of the Flame Princess and LotFP decided to launch campaigns for each and every one of them separately, at the same time, with a short end date, high base goal and few perks to speak of. The way I see it the books are essentially competing with each other and I don't really understand the strategy behind LotFP's choices.

Oh well, I was happy to contribute and given this is the internet there is still time to pull out the win. I wish Leviathan and LotFP the best. Also looking forward to funding/buying more indie pdf modules and to this end I have just purchased a beast of a laser printer so I will never have to pay for shipping or toil in the treacherous swamps of inkjet land again.