Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baldur the Stonecleaver


I worry when I broaden the coverage here that gain some new audience at the expense of boring some of core readers. There's no way I'm doing more than one blog, though, so I'll have to trust if you're interested in what I'm doing generally you'll likely be interested stuff you may not have signed on for. With that I'm going to post some Hordes Circle Orboros figs I painted back in 2008 but never got around to showing. 2008, already a long time ago. See, despite these being the newest figures I've shown they're practically vintage, or maybe even old school? ;)

Anyway, I can't call myself the biggest fan of Privateer Press and what goes on there today but back in the day I painted quite a bit of it on commission under the Null Horizon Studio aegis (what I've got around to sharing of this you can see over at my CMON gallery), and collected a fair bit of it myself. Maybe more on my mixed feelings about the Iron Kingdoms later but I'm excited enough about the particular figures I collected and painted.

Why share these today? Mostly because I ran into another Hordes/Warmachine player and may dust these figures off after years of dormancy, and also because I just happen to be photographing the stuff I never got around to before and have come to these by chance.>/p>

Of the armies I collected I got Circle Orboros to the table first as this was the least ambitious of the the projects, had fewer figures and fewer hard decisions about schemes and conversions. I've got a fully painted, playable force now and just a few more things left to paint for it before I can call it done done, but of course who knows if I'll ever get back to it.

So here's Baldur, done in a scheme that fits the canon pretty well with a patina effect on the leather somewhat in the Rackham style done with glazes and scratch-like mostly transparent highlights. In the course of painting this I thought about stone swords and whether a good idea, and after a time on wikipedia reading about minerals and the hardness scale and what not I think if you had the magical strength to wield it and the enchantment to resist shattering from a lateral blow it's a better idea than I thought at first.

I like this figure a lot. I've seen it catch flak for being static, etc, but that's kind of the point. He's got that immovable object vibe going, and his hands are just expressive enough to convey he's working some earth magic. Below he's shown amidst his shifting stones.

These figures were released 2006 and I'm not sure of the sculptor. Please drop a comment if you know.

As always, the collection can be viewed in its entirety at flickr.


  1. I got into your work through PP stuff and am thrilled to see any of it. I have a whole Legion army sitting around waiting to be painted once I can figure out how to clone this carniviean as this is basically 100% exactly what I want my army to be. You ripped it right out of my mind:
    If you have a color list or any WiP shots for this I would be eternally grateful.
    Thanks for painting awesome stuff!

    1. Thanks! Sure, was a long time ago but you're in luck, I keep notes!

      Primed black and then airbrushed the body up to gray and the scales up to dark blue grey with mixes of Tamiya paints. Could just start with a gray or white primer as well though. If you start from white undercoat you might want to shade a bit on the main flesh in the deep folds of muscles at some point.

      I was using mostly Vallejo paints at the time. These days I prefer P3 and would probably use p3 equivalents instead. VMC is Vallejo Model Color.

      I used a wet pallete to blend the colors from dark to light one to the next adding to the same mix.

      Basecoat VMC bluegrey pale
      Bring up to pure VMC light gray
      up to VMC offwhite
      Faint glazes with tiny bit of GW tentacle pink and mostly matte medium

      from a dark gray base I washed down to a mix of:
      vmc dark grey, gw regal blue, black, vmc black red, lots of matte medium
      the blended that mix back up up to VMC blue gray pale.

  2. I really like your blog and how you tell little stories with the painted characters. I am also very glad to find someone who love those vintage miniatures like i do. Thanks for keeping the atmosphere of those old days so alive :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. Yeah, great to meet another fan of the vintage figs! Send me a link if you've got some on display on the web. :)

  3. Love the leather and the metals in the shoulder pads on him. Murky and moody and I dig it!

  4. Update: I fixed some color problems in the pics and made them a bit bigger. Much happier with them now.