Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hordes Minions - Swamp Gobber and Totem Hunter


Last of the Hordes stuff for awhile. I painted these back in 2008 mainly to go along with Circle Orboros I've been showing lately and these round out the warband. Actually, maybe I'll try for a shot of the whole group so maybe another Hordes post coming soon after all.

I really like these gobber models and their fog effects in the game. Really happy with how they turned out. The rich green is thanks in part to P3 Necrotite Green, so strong no ink is needed! I did your classic red/green contrast thing here putting a number of different rich, reddish shades on them along with the obvious bandana, but I'm always really careful not to get anywhere near that Christmas feeling. I also try not to overdo the turquoise corrosian effect on copper but man, what a perfect excuse to do it here and it it's so easy to make it look great!

The totem hunter here is a rare Werner Klocke figure I've got few complaints about. In fact it's all good until you get to that skull, which I'm really kicking myself I didn't replace entirely. Well, that and his eyes on entirely on the side of his head, which makes him really ill suited as an, erm, predator. Man, and that's me trying to say something nice about the guy. ;) Anyway, pretty much followed the book illustration on this one. The weird blade gave some cool opportunities to blend with metallics and show some real contrast. I studied it under a strong light before painting and then followed what I saw.

These are on flickr per usual.