Monday, April 14, 2014

Grenadier AD&D "Solid Gold" Line Box Art and Insert Scans Part II

New scans by m4jumbo

In Part I I put out a call for anyone with other Grenadier box sets they'd be willing to scan, and m4jumbo of LAF and elsewhere stepped up and contributed the following, and was kind enough to let me add them to the archive I started on Flickr. I'm pretty excited to show these and very grateful.

Here also is the AD&D Action Art Painting Guide that went with the 8001 set above in a few flavors of PDF for you to choose from. The clean print and reader copies have the contrasts boosted and the color removed, and the only difference between the two is that in the reader copy a sideways-oriented chart has been rotated so you can read it on your screen. The archive copy has the scan contrast and colors preserved. All copies have OCR.

Per usual you can also see these on flickr

And anyone got any of the others? We're doing pretty well here and it would be great to edge toward a full set!


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    1. Thanks and glad to have you aboard! :)

  2. Hola
    Tienes un blog muy interesante,estas minis me encantan,yo estoy en mi como se dice en mi época retro y estoy pintando un diorama de minis antiguas

    1. Thanks and good luck with your minis projects! Looking over your blog I became a fan of your work and started following. Nice to meet another fan of vintage figures.

  3. Excellent post and a well deserved 'liebster' award is yours :)

    Blame Clam.


  4. Thanks for sharing these!

    Totally unrelated to this post but I too have given your blog a Liebster award.

    Feel free to change the questions as you see fit if you choose to participate. Thanks and keep up the great work!