Saturday, March 25, 2017

Heroes for Dungeonquest: Phyll Madaxe, Dwarf Berserker

I played this guy in my most recent game of DungeonQuest and died after a time tied up in the chamber of darkness, before getting to use his berserk ability. What a great figure. Figures standing on rocks is not really my style but in this case he needed to be standing on something no wider than his feet because his weapons extend below his feet and it was either standing on something or having his weapons dug fairly deeply into the ground, which wouldn't make sense. So, standing on a rock it was. Was a pretty easy paintjob. Citadel chestnut wash to get that classic bronzed flesh look. I use many different flesh-tone paints mixed but I'm sure Citadel Bronzed Flesh was among them. Winsor and Newton yellow and vermilion inks got the hair nice and orange.