Sunday, March 25, 2018

Medieval Village Workbench WIP

Here's a medieval village I'm working on at the moment. Have had these for some years but they got to the top of the list as I need them for the D&D campaign. All are Vatican / Hudson & Allen light but sturdy foam except for an Armorcast well and unidentified resin 2-story house. Really fine sculpting and, for the most part, casting. The fortified farm does have air bubble cavities in a few places. The Hudson & Allen line are made by Vatican Enterprises. I have a large (multi-set) Hudson & Allen castle to get to some day as well. I've been tempted by the keep and the watch tower on occasion as well, though I keep telling myself not until I finish the H&A stuff I already have.

Some spray paints/primers will eat holes in the foam and partly because of this I put down a uniform black undercoat of Dupli-Color, which I know to be safe. Next a full coat of Rustoleum flat camo dark brown and then a dusting of the Rustoleum flat camo tan. At this point I can use them in a game in a pinch, and can finish them out at my leisure.

Also on the workbench is a Zvezda wooden palisade fort. The party is at such a fort at the moment, and remains to be seen if I can have it ready (enough) for the next session.