Sunday, April 8, 2018

Grenadier AD&D Gold Line WIP

A thread on the Lead Adventure Forum prompted me to gather all the Grenadier "Solid Gold" line stuff I had on the workbench, and this is what I came up with.

Fighting Men and Thieves

Fighting Men, Thieves and Hireling
Some of these are weapon-swaps and/or fixes, for example I fixed the mask the guy on the top second from the left which was skewed pretty badly in the molding process. The female thief was pretty delicate at the ankles and I have steel wires reinforcing her legs, so now she is rock solid. I resculpted the dagger over a wire so it can point out from the body in a natural way. The axe, mace, sword and shield are all from Eccentric Miniatures plastic weapon sprues. I love these and they are perfect for 25mm!

I try to collect one and only one encounter group of each D&D "monster" type, but how would that be possible for dwarves? I don't have that kind of will power. Love these Chernak dwarves despite the ape arms, and they size well with others from Citadel and Old Glory's Ghost imprint (the Ghost one here is actually shortened by me having removed a bit of his legs and repinned him, but I did that before I mixed him in with these and you can see now he's shortest among them).
Somehow, over the years I've amassed this many gnomes, almost all from random assortment ebay lots. I thought about converting some, but decided life was too short, in this case. The king is the one-piece version. There's a Citadel gnome among them, too, a Perry sculpt I'm really fond of.
Some Wizzards and Warriors line "kobolds" are mixed in. The main difference is the kobolds had tiny feet, so you can see I enlarged them (after I primed them). I love that I have mounted and foot versions of the leader-type. Most of the others are stock, except for the one axe converted to polearm, and the helmet of another axeman modified. Also, did you spot the converted Gold Line dwarf? It was a fun exercise matching the goblin faces with a sculpt of my own.
Collecting this many aspis was also something of an endeavor that took a number of years of watching ebay. I think I even have one more somewhere. Also like with the gnomes, I wanted to do a conversion or two, but it would have been a real challenge. I did separate the antennas from the proboscis, though, and add back some details with green stuff. I left one stock, as one with this pose seems fine, but more than one seems odd.
Still to come, I've got one more group I have yet to photograph—gnolls.