Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blogroll Additions

I updated the blogroll with some great additions. If you're not familiar do yourself a favor and have a visit!

  • Beyond the Black Gate is a great old school D&D blog with a wide breadth of quality content.
  • Handgrenadealien has a newish blog that features old school dungeon delves and miniatures in a vein not unlike BftD.
  • Dungeons & Discourse is another multi-faceted D&D blog where miniatures play a role. Check out the great Otherworld figures. This is also where you'll hear all about the Barrowmaze megadungeon that recently went to print.
  • Phreedh is a fellow lead adventurer and obviously a consummate craftsman. His in-game shots are particularly impressive they way everything is uniformly finely crafted. Really brings the world to life.
  • Somewhere the Tea's Getting Cold belongs to another lead adventurer who lately has been sparing no expense bringing to life some of the early published Warhammer scenarios such as Orc's Drift and The Magnificent Sven in addition to a bunch of other diverse and sundry projects.
  • 手探りペイント日記7, which Google translate renders as Paint Groping Diary, drew me in with some of the finest squats I've ever seen. By total coincidence a casting of the coolest one of the bunch showed up at my place recently in a random assortment eBay buy. One day's he's going to be leading a little crew of privateers. Anyway, really looking forward to seeing more of this guy's squats and whatever else he's up to.