Friday, August 10, 2012

BftD One Year Anniversary

BftD turns one today! Thanks everyone who has followed along or dropped in to leave a comment. I knew when I started my initial focus on vintage D&D figs would make it a challenge finding an audience as compared with some of my previous ventures in the Warmachine/Hordes world or even as compared with Necromunda, which is, itself, a fairly niche thing judging from how many people come up to me at a con with something to effect of, "that still exists?"

And I wasn't wrong. It was a struggle getting some momentum behind the blog. I feel as though I'm straddling two communities with the D&D project without the benefit of being able to stand firmly planted in either. And I'm not even talking about the D&D community vs the miniatures community, but rather I'm still on the fringe of even the niche OSR community within the D&D community and likewise on the fringe of the niche skirmish miniatures and old school miniatures communities. It's funny to think that when fantasy miniatures got their start the idea of fantasy miniatures was synonymous with D&D and how nowadays beyond prepaints there is little interaction between what are now two hobbies rather than one.

But I feel like BftD is starting to build up speed now and I'm really glad I've found common ground with many of you and many of you have found a reason to stick around. At the outset of BftD year two my obsession with D&D shows no signs of slackening and I've got a lot coming down the pipe, or I guess that should be up the throat. I'm fairly determined to make what you find here the finest, most comprehensive and most-functional collection of D&D miniatures on the Web. And I also have a bunch of terrain projects to share as well as big backlog pics of Necromunda, Hordes, Warmaster and old school Warhammer fantasy to throw at you among other things. The D&D is actually a latecomer to my list of pet projects if you can believe it. Cheers to another year!