Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unearthed Internets: D&D Diorama by J. B. Waskul Creative Works & Concepts

From the Unearthed Internets file comes a wonderful, large-scale (1/30th) D&D diorama by one J. B. Waskul featuring iconic monsters like the umber hulk, night hag, naga, fire giant, troll, beholder, roper, lich and stone golem. Obviously some love went into it.

Umber hulk strikes from the shadows: Detail from Waskul's diorama

The piece is photographed in details like this. My only regrets are there is no shot of the piece as a whole (which Waskul says stands 3') and it could really use a dusting with a big soft brush and/or compressed air to restore its luster.