Tuesday, October 16, 2012

D&D Doodle Rises

Unearthed Internets/Blogroll Add combo

There is no better blog-time surprise than to see a favorite blog you consider archive-only rise up and shake off the dust. And he's going off in a new direction with some fantastic Cthulhu stuff. He was due for a shout out here anyway but now I can add him to the blogroll as well. If you're not familiar, you owe yourself carving out at least the next twenty minutes before you head over to D&D Doodle.

Look at the way this guy renders the environment of the game, including a certain keep you may recognize:

And someone who shares respect for the owlbear too:

And in case you're worried my own blog was down for the count, I should be back in action shortly. Got a new computer and haven't got around to getting Photoshop back up. Expect to sort that out in the next week or so.