Sunday, October 21, 2012

From the Shadows

Painted: Umber Hulk

Manufacturer: Archive Miniatures
Line: Dungeon Nasties
Figure: 775 Amber Hulk
Release date: 1977?
Sculptor: Nevile Stocken
Painter: Spooktalker
Date painted: 2011

This umber hulk from Archive Miniatures is one of the older, rarer, and more valuable figures in my D&D collection and one I scored for almost nothing at a convention flea market. I have to admit I think the charms of Archive figures are fairly dubious, but I also have to admit that whatever the sculpting prowess on display this may be the most faithful rendition in miniature of the original Umber Hulk design I've seen.

One of the more notable/noticeable features of this figure are the mandibles, sculpted flat against the chest in order to facilitate a one-piece casting. I debated cutting off the mandibles and either repositioning them or sculpting new ones protruding from the jaw as we'd expect to see, but decided in the end to keep the figure stock in order to preserve the specimen. It would have looked a lot better the other way, there's no doubt about it, but nonetheless I think I made the right call.

As always, the collection can be viewed in its entirety at flickr.