Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Running with the Weasels

Painted: Giant Weasels

Along with some friends and foes:


Manufacturer: Splintered Light
Line: 15/18mm Animals and Creatures
Set: MISC09 Giant Weasels
Base markings: © SLM 07
Release date: 2007
Sculptor: Bob Olley
Date painted: 2011


Nothing tricky here. These were fun and quick. I primed in Dupli-color gray and after painting glazed their coats with inks to give them a rich, reddish sheen. The undersides are bright, warm white and I did their eyes basic black with a white glint for that sinister beady-eye look. You can see the legs that aren't touching the ground have some structural support sculpted to suggest grass, but I think it works fine painted gray in my case and can represent dust being thrown up from the dungeon floor.

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And stay tuned for more on giant weasels coming right up!