Saturday, April 6, 2013

From the Frozen North

Painted: Frost Giant
Usually I'm several years behind showing figures I've painted. This one, however, I painted a month ago. I should have been working on my hobgoblins, which my plan shows come next, but one-off monsters like this giant sometimes easier to fit in and less stressful after a day's work at the office.
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Manufacturer: Ral Partha
Line: Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night
Figure: 01-057 Frost Giant
Base Markings: RAL PARTHA 1977
Release date: 1977
Sculptor: Tom Meier
Date painted: 2013


There are a couple canonical variations of frost giant skin and hair colors described in the Monster Manual and went with blue hair and "dead white" skin. I primed this figure in Dupli-Color dark gray, gave it a touch up in a similar shade of paint to get all the crevices and then primed again in white before painting. I did the fur as a series of washes over the light gray primer layer and then when back in with drybrushing and painted highlights. For the hair and the frost effect on the base I used a shimmery blue paint from the Ral Partha AD&D range which has miraculously survived the past few decades perfectly intact, one of only two such from a set of six or eight colors. I also glazed parts of the girdle over and mixed with metallic paint for a cold sky/earth reflection. I'm really happy with how these effects turned out. I painted the eyes black with pin-prick white reflections but might go back and paint them blue to match the canon. Overall, though I did put in some shimmering effects and spent a bit of time polishing up the girdle, I was trying not to get too fancy and to get this painted up fairly quickly.
As always, the collection can be viewed in its entirety at flickr.