Saturday, April 27, 2013

Painted: Marrowslurp, stone troll, and Boss Morbog

Latest from the Old Skull Tribe

A couple more members of the core gang for you today. I'm putting these two together a) for size comparison and b) as so far they have pretty much remained in base-to-base contact through the games of Mordheim I've played with them so far. At least until Morbog died, that is. After that there was really no one around to keep the big fella in line and he took to standing about moping.

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Get the flash player here:

I spent a few hours converting the stone troll. The neck is extended and his nose was cut off and redone. The necklace is scratch-made from flexible brass wire flattened in a vice to represent a leather strap. The stones are greenstuff and they have been tied on to the brass strap with thread, which is to say the knots are actually knots. The gloss blood is Tamiya Red Clear, and the eye also was given a gloss varnish. When these figures came out around '93 I thought them too muppety, but later got the bug to do them up in a meaner, more menacing style to at least mitigate the muppety flavor a little. I intentionally painted it in tones that might actually serve as camouflage it it's stony natural environment, and it was a limited-palette exercise. I was using some Brian Froud illustrations as inspiration for the colors and that's where I picked up the idea for the necklace as well. I should say I also gathered reference for the meet and bone and surely wouldn't have achieved it as well I did without having done so. Despite the lack of attention-grabbing colors the figure won best conversion at the Kublacon painting awards in 2010 and a group of him and several dozen orcs won a gold master class award.

As always, the collection can be viewed in its entirety at flickr.