Saturday, February 10, 2018

On the Workbench: Myconids

Another WIP D&D encounter group from the workbench. Part of the impetus for sharing is to start holding myself more accountable for the projects I start, keep the projects "in sight," as out-of-sight, out-of-mind, etc., and find encouragement to finish them.


The Monster Manual II tells us Myconids range in size from S to L and from 1-6 hit dice, with only the king having the full 6.

My 1HD small myconids are Ral Partha purchased from Ral Partha Europe. The castings are squashed along the mold axis to the point I had to greenstuff all the caps to make them round again, rather than oval. Really nice sculpts, though, and true to the D&D illustrations and description

I plan to scratch-sculpt the Myconid king, and perhaps a few other tall ones. If I ever put in an order with a company like Hasslefree or CP that makes good Myconids I will probably get a few of those to add.

As you can see, I'm converting some Reaper Bones mushroom men as well. The sculpts leave something to be desired and aren't a very good match with the MM description, and I'm modding them as you see here. I carved away a surprising amount of what I thought was excess mass. One advantage to Bones, though, is you can carve them up with a box cutter without a second thought. I just kept carving off chunks of them from the stomachs, legs, back until I could get them as slim as I could. They are still a chunky type of Myconid, but I figure that will be balanced out by some more slender ones to follow.

I was inspired by this fungoid print by Skinner that I own.

That's all on Myconids for now!