Wednesday, February 14, 2018

On the Workbench: Scratch-built Violet Fungi / Shriekers

There are a number of nice violet fungi/shrieker minis old and new, but I was set on having a large collection of many different sizes as described in the Monster Manual, and the available figures are all of a single, large size. So, some years back I started sculpting these.

I thought about trying to sell the sculpts to a company, but even though they are sculpted with a mix of Super Sculpy and Super Sculpy Firm (except for one done with Terracotta Sculpy), I still think they may be a bit fragile to cast given the deep undercuts, or at least the the molds would tear easily. I thought about filling in all the undercuts with greenstuff, but am pretty sure at this point they will be one-offs.

I stalled out because the next step is to make these stubs along the bottom, but sculpting them in greenstuff or Milliput seemed like a pain and I didn't see an easy way to sculpt them out of Super Sculpy, since they are already baked as shown here, and glued to bases that can't go back in the oven. I think I have it figured out, though. I will sculpt them in Super Sculpy right on these figures, then put them in the freezer and pop them off onto a bit of foil that will go in the oven. I will number the shrooms and put the nubs in piles starting with one, two, three, etc from the top left. Once baked I'll glue them in place and putty any joins that need it.

I like the process I made for the tops, which was to do them in two halves on a ceramic tile an then glue them together. To have them match up I need to sculpt one half and bake it, then sculpt the other half on the first half, put it in the freezer and pop it off, etc.