Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grenadier Solid Gold Line Hireling w/ Lantern

A first look at one of those braving the dungeon. Someone to light the way!

Hireling w/ Lantern
Hireling w/ Lantern
Hireling w/ Lantern

Hireling miniature painted 2009. From the Hirelings box set, code 2004 by Grenadier, part of their official AD&D "Solid Gold" line. Released 1980.

You know, there are more decisions than you might think in how to roll out pics in a blog, even once you've committed to a Flickr/Blogger combo. I think I'm narrowing in on a workflow that works but let me know if anything looks amiss! I'm especially interesting in getting the picture size right—big enough to show the essential details right in blog (so you don't have to click through) but without going too big.

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  1. I like this mini a lot, not so many are the adventurers holding a lantern :-)