Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vault of the Mushmen

I took the plunge with 25mm D&D back in June of 09, and later that fall we made our first foray into the dungeon. The adventure was dubbed "Vault of the Mushmen" and I carry with me quite some affection for said mushmen. Normally I'm fairly canonical about D&D monsters but I made an exception for these guys, who I got in that first box of grimy lead that turned me toward the distant past and 25mm. I'll save the providence and ecology of these particular monsters for when I give them their own showcase (I'm a master of suspense, aren't I). The game is AD&D 1e.

The mushmen spring the trap
The mushmen spring the trap

I cast hold person on the ogre!
I cast hold person on the ogre! I can I do that?

Only a few minutes into the game Nemoc the Red stepped up to the plate with the hold person spell.

The shoop jobs are by a friend of mine, the shadowy overlord of the game club Op-For, to which I owe allegience. The pics are reposts and they were originally shown on the Op-For blog.