Friday, June 2, 2017

Heroes for Dungeonquest: Helena the Swift

Today's hero is Helena the Swift.

Tiny hottie by one of the Perry brothers. Believe or not she was on the workbench almost done for over a year with just the shield to do, and I kept putting off the decision of whether to use a classic Citadel shield with hole in the center for the boss, or a shield matching the artwork. I had both. OCD, I know. I wound up going the first route as you can see. The next question was whether to leave the shield plane orange-brown as in the illustrationor add a design. And I strayed from the illustration a second time here, opting for a simple viking design.

The figure was primed gray and then "zenithal" white, but fairly strong on the white. The figure was painted light to dark with the exception of boots and hair. These days I like painting metallics over a light base starting with the lightest metallic color and then using washes.

Here's a little bonus, all the figures before Helena except Vikas. It was late when I took this and somehow I left him off. I'll try to get another group shot of all 12 to end on. That and I want to make an 'eavy Metal style sheet of them! I'm searching for a good background texture to evoke White Dwarf without copying directly.


  1. A fantastic set of models! You have a nice clean painting style which suits these minis well. Helena has lovely warm skin tones.

  2. Beautiful! A really coherent bunch -they could be the studio job on the backside of a dungeon crawler boardgame. Actually kind of reminds me of the old Mike McVey paint jobs☺

  3. Impeccable level paint jobs. Really nice stuff.

  4. Great group shot at the end as well as the figure. I find female figure skin to be the hardest to paint. If I don't have defined musculature to paint I struggle for what to do.