Sunday, June 4, 2017

Heroes for Dungeonquest: Sir Roland the Knight

I painted this figure in one sitting (except for base, done as a group before) in record time, under two hours. The armor has opaque paint mixed with Chainmail metallic, a simple wash and then Mithril Silver highlights. I wanted it to be distinct from Thargrimm. The armor here is cleaner and a lot brighter. The illustration has a slightly different leather and fur color (same color) as the other illustrations (or so it seemed to me in the time) and I adjusted the brown mix accordingly, and think I got it pretty well. The wine colored accents are my own addition to the palette as in the illustration the fringe (what you call it in this case?) is of an indeterminate gray or the same color as the amror, which wouldn't work on the figure.Echoed it in the weapon grip.

Last one is just around the corner!