Monday, September 19, 2011

Blogroll Additions

Here are several great blogs that come with my recommendation.

Swords & Dorkery

Swords & Dorkery is a smörgåsbord of old school D&D fare as well as whatever else the author, Mike Monaco, decides to cram in. What drew me in was the fully functional collection—that is one of breadth and quantity enough to field encounters in the manner called for by the traditional style of play—of painted old school D&D figures he showcases here. It's a real inspiration you should check out! I was actually searching for such collections when I found this site (because functionality is of key importance to me as I develop my own collection and I wanted to see how others had addressed this aspect), and I can't stress enough how rare they seem to be even in an internet that is brimming with miniatures and more miniatures.

Clamshells and Sea Horses

This is the oddly-named blog of a skilled miniatures painter with whom I share some common sensibilities. The figures are a great mix, from old school Warhammer chaos dwarfs to Otherworld D&D to Marvel Superheroes to funky oddball stuff.

Ghola Scale

Got a nice mention from Ghola Scale recently and was drawn back to this blog I bookmarked a few months back. Like me this guy aims to show off old figures in their best light, and he's also up to sculpting and casting. His scratch sculpted Ambull, the blog's most recent focus, is really great.

Realm of Lead Addiction

Blog of a miniatures painter of no small talent. All sorts of figures old and new are showcased. He's also just put up a stand alone gallery of his stuff.