Saturday, September 3, 2011

New to the Blogroll: Eternal Keep and ADD Grognard

Eternal Keep has actually been in the blogroll since the beginning, but I'd nonetheless like to add a few words of context. Eternal Keep is you perfect entry point to the OSR and early edition D&D blogosphere. It aggregates all the big-name blogs as well as fledgling ones like this one, and it's a one-stop-shop for what people are talking about at the moment.

The site is run by ADD Grognard, who runs a great many blogs you can see in his blogger profile, including his self-titled blog, other aggregators like The Call of the Dungeon for OD&D, as well as ones on his own rpg designs, retro sci-fi gaming, and other topics.

It seems to me that the communities that share some of my other gaming interests such as the craft miniatures are really centered around the forum medium, and blogs act as satellites to the big forums. The OSR community, despite having a few large, active forums like Dragonsfoot and the Knights & Knaves Alehouse, seems much more decentralized, and the blogs themselves much more closely knit together. The desire to participate in this community helped in large part set BftD in motion.

That said about forums vs. blogosphere, the Eternal Keep has just stepped into the former medium in the guise of the The Eternal Keep Meeting Place. I haven't joined yet but probably will.

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