Saturday, September 24, 2011

Painted: Grenadier Halfing Fighting Man

Another painted AD&D Solid Gold line fig for you.

Halfling Swordsman Halfling Swordsman Halfling Swordsman Manufacturer: Grenadier
Line: Official AD&D "Solid Gold" Line
Set: Halflings
Catalog #: 2002D
Title: Swordsman
Release date: 1980
Sculptor: Andrew Chernak
Painter: Spooktalker
Date painted: 2009

I have only one or two other halflings from this set, but would like to pick up the lot of them at some point. I particularly like the colors I chose for the shield on this one. Them and the rosy cheeks.

Here's a description of a pre-gen character based on this fig I wrote for a one-off adventure called Vault of the Mushmen:
Rory Bywater, halfling fighter, wants to be a hero.
He is the eldest son of the mayor of Suddenberries and has a hundred admirers amongst his young siblings and cousins.
Not to mention his dozen or so lady admirers back home, and the numerous sweethearts he acquires on the road.
He has a cheery smile and deftly navigates between a charming bravado and sincere humility.


  1. I think he looks terrific. The face is really great with the rosy cheeks and nose. My second favorite thing is the shield, just like you noticed.

  2. Looks great. You have an eye for color. I always end up painting my guys brown, grey, blue, and drab green. The bright colors look great.