Friday, September 30, 2011

Painted: Cave fisher

This next fig is a dream for those, like me, who go nuts for canonical monsters, and it's no question one of my favorites from the Grenadier official AD&D line. He debuted in 1981 in Slave Pits of the Undercity and later showed in the Monster Manual II. I have a copy of Slave Pits and wouldn't mind running it some day, but my guess is this guy will see action long before the PCs in my game are strong enough to take on that adventure.

Oh, and I don't scorn me for it—I painted him more or less in the colors of the wind-up toy. No, don't consider the toys' colors canon, but as I was searching for cave fisher pics before starting painting there seemed a lot of potential in this scheme. The blue flecks on the maroon legs are my own invention, however, and a win for me, imo. I also opted for metallic eyes of a greenish hue rather than glowing green (saved the glowing green for the basilisk, who will get his day soon).

Grenadier Cave Fisher Grenadier Cave Fisher Grenadier Cave Fisher Grenadier Cave Fisher

And as always you get a shot to establish the scale:
Grenadier Cave Fisher
Manufacturer: Grenadier
Line: Official AD&D "Solid Gold" line
Set: Dwellers Below
Catalog title: Cave Fisher
Catalog #: 2012D
Release date: 1980
Date painted: 2009

This one is archived with the rest in my gallery on flickr.